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Fall/Winter 2023 - collection


HEōS is a fashion brand based in Tokyo that made a stunning debut at the Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo in March 2023




The name HEōS comes from the Greek god of "dawn", which symbolizes the beginning of the day and the most mysterious and beautiful time. Inspired by music, visuals, books and daily emotions, HEōS creates products that capture the essence of modern elegance and artisanal craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for a sophisticated leather jacket, a chic trench coat, a classic shirt and blazer combo, or a playful dress with a floral print, HEōS has something for you. Discover the unique atmosphere and style of HEōS and get ready to shine like the dawn.

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HEōS(へオース) 2023年3月東京楽天ファッションウィーク.

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